Course Catalog

Introduction To Law And Legal Methodology

Legal History I
Legal History II

General Public Law I
General Public Law II
Philosophy and Sociology of Law

Legal Terminology I
Legal Terminology II

Legal Drafting I
Legal Drafting II

Introduction to US Law I
Introduction to US Law II

Economics I
Economics II

Mathematical Logic

German Language

Constitutional Law

Turkish Constitutional Law

Constitutional Jurisdiction

Administrative Law I
Administrative Law II

Introduction to Common Law of Contracts
Introduction to Common Law of Torts

International Law I
International Law II

European Union Law

Criminal Law General Provisions I
Criminal Law General Provisions II

Criminal Law Special Provisions I
Criminal Law Special Provisions II

Civil Law I
Civil Law II

Law of Obligations General Provisions I
Law of Obligations General Provisions II

Law of Obligations Special Provisions I
Law of Obligations Special Provisions II

Law of Property I
Law of Property II

Commercial Law I
Commercial Law II

Individual Labour Law

Collective Labour Law
Social Security Law

Civil Procedure Law
Appeal Procedure & Arbitration

US Company Law

Criminal Procedure Law I
Criminal Procedure Law II

Criminal Procedure Legislation

Forensic Medicine

Practice of Criminal Law

Law of Inheritance

The Application of Civil Law I
The Application of Civil Law II

Enforcement Law

Stock Market Law

Maritime Law
Insurance Law

Law of Design & Trademark

Intellectual Property Law and Licensing

Private International Law, Citizenship and Law of Foreigners
Private International Law, Procedure

Competition Law

Public Finance & Tax Law

Bankruptcy Law & Composition with Creditors

International Commercial Arbitration

International Business Transactions I
International Business Transactions II

Sports Law
Commercial Criminal Law
Law and Art
Environmental Law
Energy Law
Law of Political Parties

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